Oct 212010

The Rousseau Solution eliminates problems such as poorly-lit, under-used shelving and lost and misplaced items caused by inadequate storage. Let us help you organize your parts!

Used in shelving or in cabinets, our Drawers are ideal solutions for the storage of small parts and high-turnover items. With this system, a wide variety of parts can be stored and readily accessible while maximizing the use of available space. Save valuable time by decreasing the time spent walking to get parts.

Rousseau Drawers can be installed in more than 35 brands of shelving on the market. This allows you to keep your existing shelving while benefiting from increased storage capacity. In addition, the numerous shelving and drawer accessories give you a custom solution.

Rousseau Parts Shelving

Rousseau Parts Shelving Red

Rousseau Tire Racks

Rousseau Parts Racking