Oct 292010
Containment Solutions’ Kombotank™ System

Containment Solutions’ Kombotank™ System is designed to provide product storage options for the dispensing of new or the collection of used products. Storage options are available in a variety of combinations for automotive oil products (new/used oil, new/used antifreeze, new/new…etc.). This system features complete 360º [More Info]

Oct 292010
Containment Solutions SafeWaste™

Store used oil safely indoors and out in this versatile double containment storage system. SafeWaste™ Storage Systems feature a UL-listed storage tank and diaphragm suction pump and includes features like automatic overflow protection and an audible overspill prevention alarm. SafeWaste Storage Systems are designed to [More Info]

Oct 292010
Containment Solutions WasteEvac® Systems

WasteEvac® Systems are packaged and assembled at our factory requiring little installation cost. WasteEvac safely stores used oil as well as other fluids for recycling such as anti-freeze, wastewater, solvents and chemicals. The system is designed to bring used oil or fluids through a “closed [More Info]

Oct 292010
Containment Solutions Catwalk and Under Catwalk Lube Tanks

Containment Solutions’ Catwalk and Under Catwalk Lube Tanks are a great way to utilize more space in your vehicle service operation and quick lube facilities. These tanks are UL-142 listed and available in single-wall and double-wall designs. Standard Features: UL-142 Listed 3” extended lip on [More Info]

Oct 292010
Containment Solutions Benchtop Tanks

The Benchtop multi-purpose lubrication and used oil tank is excellent for use in areas where maximum use of storage and work space is needed. These UL-142 Listed tanks are constructed of quality steel with heavy duty work surfaces and equipped to accommodate hose reel, pump, [More Info]

Oct 292010
Containment Solutions Lube Cube

Lube Cube® lube oil tanks are the best solution for storage of new and used lubrication oils. Lube Cubes provide lower installed costs than underground tanks, better space utilization than cylindrical aboveground tanks and lower operation costs than 55-gallon drums. Lube Cube Tanks are designed [More Info]

Oct 192010
Fluid Delivery and Handling

Statewide over the last 40 years has created lasting relationships with some of the best in the industry. Our #1 choice for our clients is Graco fluid handling/delivery products. Reliable and cost-effective lubrication equipment is what put Graco on the map! Our packaged solutions deliver [More Info]