Oct 262010

Harvey telescoping drops offer the benefit of neat appearance with maximum flexibility.
Available in 3″ and 4″ sizes

Three lengths of lightweight flexible tubing slide one into another, giving the appearance of one 6′ length of tubing attached to the overhead duct. The bottom length of tubing and tailpipe adapter are non-crush neoprene rubber.


  • Drive over it! The tubing will not crush or have to be replaced like hose with an internal wire helix.
  • Eliminate hanging “elephant trunks” as well as hand or winch-type pull-up sets.
  • Will not scratch vehicle or chrome exhaust pipes.
  • Not necessary to switch adaptors or use additional accessories.
  • Shipped completely assembled, supplied with aluminum coupler that slips over 5″ stub or “T” of duct work. Duct saddles also available.

Harvey Telescoping Exhaust Drops