Oct 292010

WasteEvac® Systems are packaged and assembled at our factory requiring little installation cost. WasteEvac safely stores used oil as well as other fluids for recycling such as anti-freeze, wastewater, solvents and chemicals.

The system is designed to bring used oil or fluids through a “closed loop” air operated, suction system to a double-wall aboveground storage tank where the fluids are safely stored until picked up by a waste hauler.

A complete selection of Containment Solutions storage systems are available nationwide. Our experienced sales staff is ready to assist you in selecting the tank best suited to fit your needs, or to custom design a complete system for you.

Standard Features:

  • Factory assembled unit
  • Moveable by forklift
  • UL-listed double-wall tank
  • 110% secondary containment
  • 1” UL-listed air operated double diaphragm pump
  • Air filter/regulator and pressure gauge
  • Automatic air operated high level shut off valve with whistle
  • Manual air inlet shutoff valve
  • UL-listed ¾” x 8’ hardwall suction hose with in-line strainer
    and female quick connect adapter
  • Male quick connect adapter
  • 2” suction tube with kamlock and dust cap
    (for product withdrawal)
  • Primary working vent
  • Primary and secondary emergency vents
  • Product level gauge
  • Corrosion resistant exterior coating
  • Product decals
  • Leak monitoring port


  • Security cover (for outdoor use)
  • 6” fill hatch with screen
  • Male and female quick connect adapter
  • TK-15 15-gallon truckaddy
  • TK-31 31-gallon truckaddy
  • RK-25HC 25-gallon rollkaddy

Containment Solutions WasteEvac® Systems

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