Oct 182010

Standard Features

  • *True symmetric column design
  • *“Double S” column design with single piece construction provides a channel for the bearings to travel in, maximizing the strength of the column and surface contact area of the bearing
  • * Single point lock release which releases the locks at the same time
  • * Two full stroke cylinders, one in each column
  • * Arm restraints on each arm engage when the vehicle is lifted
  • * Third party certified
  • * 10,000 – 12,000 lbs. capacities available


  • * Extended height
  • * inbay® (S10i, S12i-RA) models include: Up/Down, lock controls on each column with air and electric outlets
  • * 3-stage arms for greater extension and retraction

Available Models: SPO10, S10i, SPO12-RA, S12i-RA

Rotary SPOA10 2 Post Asymmetric Lift