Oct 182010

Because your service operation needs speed, performance and reliability to increase productivity and add dollars to your bottom line. That’s “Y”.

Rotary Lift’s new 12,000 lbs. capacity Y-Lift uses a patented design to provide faster up/down speeds and more work area and access under the lift than traditional scissor lifts – 33% faster rise and 20% more workspace! Your technicians can get to work sooner and with fewer obstructions to get in their way.

When it’s time for alignments, the Y-lift can handle them all – from tiny 71-1/2” wheelbases up to 158” giants. And, it’s compatible with all leading alignment instrumentation, including 3D and camera wheel alignment systems.

When you add all of this to Rotary’s legendary factory support and industry leading field service network, “Y” would you want anything else?

Winner of the  2010 Top 20 Tools Award

Rotary Y Lift