Feb 252013
The Aria Light Fixture comes in Silver, Black and White

Visionaire Lighting proudly presents the Aria, a one-of-a-kind fixture diverse enough to complement a wide range of area applications. This unique member of the Aria series features a wide selection of sources, wattages and optics.


-100,000-150,000 hour LED lamp life
-LED version is compatible with our Solar Vision Panel for increased energy savings
-HID version ranges from 70-400 watts using our Patented Vision Reflector System
-Induction version available in an assortment of tube and globe wattages (70-165)
-Aria eHID wattages from 60 through 140

Area Aria Bluesky with cap
Area Aria Bluesky with cap


-Shopping centers
-Parking lot
-Auto dealerships