Feb 252013
Silhouette wall and ceiling light fixture

The Silhouette wall sconce is a low-profile, designer luminaire that provides excellent, uniform illumination with Dark-Sky approved, sharp-cutoff optics. The Silhouette meets NEC egress/emergency specifications when the CF/EBP options are selected.


-Lens is clear, tempered, flat glass secured
-One-piece precision-cast aluminum construction
-Features a one-piece, precision cast aluminum, hinged door frame
-Ribbed back plate maximizes heat dissipation to extend the life of both lamps and ballasts/transformers.
-The larger SIL-2 and SIL-3 adds tool-less entry
-Reflector is sharp-cutoff available in three distribution types
-Selection of Compact Fluorescent (26 to 84 watts) and HID light sources (50 to 400 watts) are offered including Pulse Start Metal Halide for superior efficiency, lumen maintenance and color rendition