Oct 192010

BOSS Facility Planning has been in operation for over 13 years now. In that time we have helped over 1200 dealers create their dreams or renovate for improved usability and profitability.

Bill Turner (Pres.) started the company over 13 years ago. Being the SPX representative for the Pacific North West for a number of years, he was no stranger to the drawings being given to dealers looking for a new build or renovation.

On one occasion, making a presentation to a Dealer Principal and the architect, pulled out the drawings given to him by SPX. When the GM noticed there was a toilet in his office on the drawing, Bill vowed to never be in this position again and immediately signed up for a basic CAD course at the local community college.

Several years, certifications and over 1200 satisfied clients, Bill has helped each and every one of them with all aspects of fixed operations in the service, parts, body shop and tool room, while maintaining what he calls “flow” to the entire operation.

Most equipment suppliers are happy to provide a “free” layout drawing for their particular product, but none of them take the time that BOSS does in analyzing the flow, placement, distances, systems, and all other variables affecting the dealers bottom line…Maximum Profitability!!!

BOSS has saved it’s clients thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands in architect and engineering fees, change orders, logistics and the Dealer principals stress level. Only BOSS looks at the project as a whole and makes suggestions based on over 30 years in the automotive equipment industry. No other company can make that claim.

From a standard facility layout to a complete advanced package with all services and equipment laid out, you will save money and make more from your service department then you ever could have imagined.