Oct 212010

Are you experiencing a lack of space? … Before building on an addition, consider Rousseau Two-Level Shelving or our Shelving and Mini-Racking if you prefer the option of a second floor.

Our specialists will suggest solutions that will avoid obstacles at your establishment such as beams, columns, doors, ventilation ducts, building structure and sprinkler systems.

Expertise that Leaves Nothing to Chance

Our system maximizes your small parts storage, medium parts storage and large parts storage by combining Shelving, (with or without drawers), and Mini-Racking. In addition, we can also offer you ideal solutions for your specialized storage (tire and battery racks, etc.).

Rousseau two level shelvingRousseau two level shelving MezzanineRousseau two level parts shelving Mezzanine

Rousseau Mezzanine Parts Department Solutions

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